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know your chicken
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know your chicken is the result of a videographic deconstruction of a performance that explores the relation between chickens and the pop-culture.
Chickens are said to lack intelligence, and thus are a metaphor to explore pop-culture as a millieu of contradictions and alienation.
As form subdues content, becoming content itself—the stupidity chasing and constraining the (lost) innocence—the traces of significance are submerged by pop-materialistic, pastime paraphernalia. The naïve egg-chicken quest leads to a cold nihilistic truth: voided from a sense, we are confronted with our animal essence—indulged hedonism all around.
The camera stands still, attempting invisibility, as the performer follows and is followed by the chicken in the set.
Actors err the text, and the performance undergoes unexpected incidents. Throughout, the camera blurs as technically compelled to in its silent struggle to keep an objective vantage point with the set. But finally it fails, as its seeming stillness becomes an attractive vortex for action to unfold in live devised plots. 
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